Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are your CovID-19 Policies & Procedures?

A: Woodlands Retreat are following the best practice Australian Government guidelines for cleaning and sanitisation of our entire chalet between guests.


Q: Do I get access to the entire chalet when I book one double room?

A: Yes, when you book one double room, you get the full run of the chalet including the kitchen, dining and spa rooms.


Q: Will there be anyone at the Chalet to let me in?

A: No.  Once you’ve confirmed your booking, we’ll send you an email with instructions on chalet entry, the code for the WiFi – and where to find your complimentary bottle of wine.  If you still have questions – you can always get us on the phone or by email.


Q: Is there WiFi?

A: Yes.  WiFi is available throughout the chalet as well as Netflix and Chromecast.


Q: What’s the cancellation policy?

A: You can check our cancellation policy by clicking here


Q: Are children allowed on the property?

A: No.  Unfortunately due to the presence of an open water body and an unsecured spa area, we are unable to accommodate children on the property.


Q: How far is it to the nearest town?

A: The nearest town is MOUNT BARKER (21.3KM) and the next closest is ALBANY (57.6KM).  There are several WINERIES nearby and an award winning THAI RESTAURANT.


Q: Will anyone else be on the property when I’m staying there?

A: No.  Whether you book the single double room, or both double rooms – you will have the entire property to yourself for the duration of your stay.


Q: Is it safe to go Bushwalking?

A: Absolutely.  Like anything, it’s always good to be prepared and there can be snakes during summer, so we encourage you to wear closed shoes and long pants if you go bush walking or hiking – and most importantly – keep your eyes open.  Injuries sustained from wildlife are very uncommon – but if you’re inexperienced bush walking, read this SAFETY GUIDE from the Dept. of Parks & Wildlife – or check out this comprehensive BUSHWALKING SAFETY guide from Parks & Recreation.


Q: Am I allowed to let my worries wash away while I’m at Woodlands Retreat?

A: Yes.  In fact – we insist on it.  We encourage you to turn off your phone, open a book, pop a cork or recline in the hot spa. The world will continue to spin, the birds will sing – so why don’t you take a deep breath and give yourself the break you deserve.

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